A Journey from Recruiting to Retention (and the role of Employee Benefits) 

Recently, our client made a job offer that was rejected. Why? Benefits, more specifically, too few PTO days. The candidate, a developer, named Drew, was delighted about the pay, location, hybrid work model, and company values. He was torn but decided not to change jobs. Drew needed a company that showed they appreciated their employees by providing ample paid time off.

The Great Resignation is underway with 11 million-plus jobs available in the US. In fact, CNBC says 40% of GenZers and 24% of Millennials dream of leaving their positions in the next two years. In response, employers are prioritizing recruitment, retention, and employee benefits.

I am sure by now you are asking yourself the same question that thousands of other employers are asking themselves, “How do we remain relevant in this competitive job market?”

Let’s dive into the best recruitment, retention, and benefits practices.

Aggressive Recruitment

Finding a key team member to join your organization can be extremely difficult. Does she have relevant experience? Are they available to start quickly? Does he reflect your company’s values?

Imagine hitting the “easy” button when hiring your next Technical Support Specialist. Instead of sorting through pages of unqualified resumes, partner with a recruiting agency. Companies such as FocusITstaff can help you find the right-fit team member AND help you create a competitive offer. Tenured companies such as FocusITstaff are skilled at finding qualified candidates and assisting companies with curating competitive job offers.

Employee Retention

Great! You filled your open positions. Next, what do you do to keep that talent? Keeping “the home team” happy can make all the difference when your company hopes to increase employee retention.

Here are a few key elements to consider:

  • Trust between employees and senior management
  • Respectful treatment of all employees
  •  Morale boosting activities
  • Growth opportunities
  • Competitive pay
  • Job security

Competitive Benefits 

Drew (our developer) is proof that gone are the days when competitive benefits packages only include minimal paid time off. Instead, companies are becoming creative with the benefits they offer. Here are a few ideas to consider.

  • Complimentary health insurance plans
  • Discounts at select retailers and gyms
  • Professional career development
  • Flexible work arrangement
  • Student loan assistance
  • Generous paid time off
  • Paid family leave


Fortunately for us, our client could offer Drew the paid time off he needed, and his start date is just around the corner. Every organization is on a journey of recruiting and retaining their dream team.

Are you looking for support with recruiting highly qualified IT professionals? Visit our website or reach out at 770-937-0410. Our tenured recruiters are ready to help you find your new team member.

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