Why focus people?

Since 1994, businesses have relied on Focus People to supply the most skilled and dependable employees.

Focus was awarded in 2023 the Best of Staffing Award for Customer Satisfaction, a distinction that less than 2% of U.S. staffing firms achieve.

Our Net Promoter Score for 2023 was 80, considerably outperforming well-known and renowned corporations like Starbucks, Costco, and Amazon. This rating is three times higher than the average for the staffing industry.



Addressing talent gaps doesn’t have to mean adding to your headcount. Hire our screened associates for long or short-term projects or to help you handle absences or changes in demand.


Reduce hiring risks by testing out one of our associates at your company to assess aptitude and fit before making a permanent offer.

Direct hire – Contingent search

Our unique sourcing and screening practices will identify and attract the best professionals for your organization. You only pay a fee when the candidate is placed.

Direct hire – Engaged search

We will provide you priority access to the best talent, only show you the most qualified candidates, and ensure excellent recruiting results. A portion of the fee is paid upfront, and the remainder is due when the placed candidate starts.

our specialties


Accounting & Finance

Administrative & Customer Support

Professional & Managerial

We leverage our network of contacts to connect professionals. Our dedication to quality keeps clients and individuals returning for extremely attractive opportunities.

We help both candidates and clients achieve success!

Direct hire

Spend less time sourcing and screening candidates.

Spend more time on your core tasks.

You only see the most highly qualified candidates and great hiring results—guaranteed!

Our staff members have an average of 13 years experience. That’s nine times higher than the industry average.

We speak the language, understand the challenges and know what it takes to make the right match between talent and opportunity.

You can be confident selecting Focus as your staffing partner, knowing we have the expertise, track record, reputation, and technology to support your talent acquisition goals.



A global healthcare company was looking to find a Senior React Architect to lead its software development team. The company had struggled to find the right candidate, resulting in a delay in product development and a loss of revenue. They turned to Focus People for help in identifying top talent in the industry.


Leveraged their network of industry contacts and used their extensive recruiting experience to identify potential candidates. They screened and interviewed each candidate, ensuring they had the technical expertise and leadership qualities the company was looking to hire.


The global company was able to find and hire a Senior React Architect that exceeded their expectations. The new hire brought a wealth of knowledge and experience to the team, resulting in a boost in productivity and a faster time-to-market for new products.
The success of this project led to the company asking Focus People to help fill an additional position in their Cyber Security division. Focus People was able to find the right candidate quickly, allowing the company to improve its security posture and protect against potential threats.


100% of the screened candidates had the technical expertise and leadership qualities required by the company.

The Senior React Architect hired by Focus People resulted in a 30% increase in productivity and a 20% reduction in time-to-market for new products.

The new Cyber Security hire provided by Focus People helped the company improve its security posture and protect against potential threats, resulting in a 15% reduction in security incidents.



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