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The Focus team has always been very professional, helpful, and consistently provided exceptional candidates. You guys are the best Agency in Atlanta!

Asset Manager (Hiring Manager for State Agency)

Amazing Company! Amazing people! Work with you and truly help you out. I have been working with Dee Dee since 2017…love her and all the others (Roberto and Natalie)!!

Kellinda B.

Our business has been growing rapidly and Focus People has been a great resource for helping us find new staff members. Patricia and her team have taken the time to learn our ideal candidates and recommended many great applicants.

Thomas S.
The Focus team is awesome! I partnered with them for a direct hire search and they found me the perfect candidate! Patricia asked me the right questions, listened to what I needed/required and then what I ‘hoped for’ in a candidate. From start to finish it took 9 days in total from the kickoff call with Patricia to making an offer! Patricia exceeded my expectations with her ability to communicate & understand what I was looking for and present me several qualified candidates. She made this recruiting process so easy for me & my company especially after I had a negative experience with another recruiting agency. 🙂 Focus will be my only agency to go to! THANK YOU!
Lenore W.

I have had a professional relationship with Terri Pavuk and the Focus team for over ten years and three different organizations. I have always been impressed with their service levels, their quality of candidates and their expediency in filling critical roles with top talent.

I continue to be a client because of the results and talent from the Focus team, but also the candidates they represent. They have filled a countless number of temporary positions as well as direct hire. They take the time and effort to understand the needs of our business, but also the culture to ensure a good fit for both us and the person assigned to work. They have made me look good for many years because of the product and people they represent. I will continue to call them first and thank them for all they do.

Vice President, Human Resources

I have had the pleasure of working with the Focus team for over fifteen years. I can always count on top quality candidates and excellent customer service. The team always goes above and beyond expectations. In addition to excellent candidates, the team is great about providing market and business trends as well as data and contacts. This is a great team that will make your job easier.

Manager, Recruiting and Talent

We have used multiple agencies to fulfill our staffing needs in the past. Focus always submitted candidates that were a better match, and have more longevity once hired as full-time associates. We currently have 9 associates who have been with us for over 2 years, and many are ranked as top performers.

ClearlyRated Survey

We had a unique position that we needed to fill and the team at Focus brought us a number of candidates that meet the requirements. They were proactive in their approach and kept us informed during the search.

ClearlyRated Survey

I would like to start by saying this has been the most efficient interview/onboarding I’ve done with a recruiting agency, ever. I was contacted by a recruiter from Focus recently for a position with the state. The communication was great and is still great with everyone on the team. I was provided clear instructions on where to report and benefits, etc. I love the agency I’m working with and I would definitely recommend Focus over other agencies. 10/10 recommend!

Tashun L.

By far the BEEESSSTT agency!! I have received great customer service from my recruiter and the payroll department. They believe in fairness and supporting you fully throughout your assignments. I’ve been given sound full advice and seen myself grow. And if that wasn’t enough to brag about, the perks here are AMAZINGGG!! This should be the first stop in your job search!

Matthews D.

I’ve been employed with this company for a week now, and I’m already loving management. They were so responsive and professional. I enjoyed speaking with each representative, all conversations weren’t just about job placement, they really took into consideration my background and placed me where they knew I’d be a great fit.

Olivia P.

I had a pleasant experience working with Focus People. During my lapse of unemployment in the middle of a difficult pandemic, the company provided me with a new role based on my skillset along with health insurance and other benefits. I am grateful for the connections made during our virtual and in-person encounters. Focus People gave me a great job opportunity so I can display my skills. It resulted in a direct hire from my new employer. I am excited for a new rewarding experience with this new opportunity.

Marquez A.
I am so grateful to find Focus. They are a great team. Devin and Abbi are amazing! They were willing to help, and make room with my schedule. Abbi assisted me with landing a job that was exactly what I looking for. She was so helpful throughout the whole process, promptly answering questions, providing thorough and detailed info, and keeping me updated. She genuinely cares and it shows! Her kindness means a lot. Thank you all. You all are doing a great job! And I appreciate your hard work and dedication!
Karlita K.
I have been very blessed to have met the wonderful employees at Focus. I have had a lot of questions and concerns. As I have been in open discussion with them, the staff at Focus eagerly listen and provide their support, knowledge, and thoroughly explain their capabilities to continue and help. Their intuition helped me relax and allow myself to feel ecstatic about the position I am applying for. Thank you for everything!
Casey L.

My experience with Focus has been nothing less than amazing. The level of professional and sense of urgency is what they really believe in and possess when helping people with their career. Thank You so much Focus. Special thanks to Mr. Russ Burchfield. All I can say is I am forever grateful for what you’ve done for me in placing me with an awesome career. If I could give 10 stars, I would.

Sheldria B.

I love working with Focus!! I initially start work with the company back in around 2017-2018. They really care and take pride in their responsibilities as recruiters and everyone else that is involved in their whole entire process. With everything the way it is now it’s great to know that there is a staffing agency that you can go to that’s really there to help and will take care of you and your needs and really listen to what type of job you’re looking for and understand when things come up and you have to make changes. I would recommend this company to anyone that’s looking for a professional company that goes that extra mile for their employees.!!!

Cora M.

I had just been laid off from my job of 30 years and it was so hard for me to find a position. My sister was called by recruiter of Focus and she got hired to do an assignment. She was explaining to me about how she was so excited to work for them because they found her a good spot so I asked her about the place that helped her get that good Temporary position and she mentioned Focus. I was so excited to hear that because for some reason it bought me closer to want to know more about them, so I called Deedee and introduce myself. She said that she could help me. I looked up information beforehand and I found this job that I was interested in so when did she call, I was able to tell her that I was interested in this particular job. Lo and behold, long story short, two months into the role, the company decided to increase my pay. Not only that, but they offered me full-time position with their company.

I’m grateful for Focus because I really appreciate them and the time and effort they put in to helping me find a position that was a fit for me. Thank you guys.

Dina S.

This has been the best recruiting experience of my career. I love my new role and believe that it’s a perfect fit! The process was an easy transition and Focus really took the time to make sure I was the best candidate.

Retonjah B.

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