How to Make Your LinkedIn Profile a Winner

How to Make Your LinkedIn Profile a Winner

Are you considering changing jobs or careers? If so, don’t forget about your LinkedIn profile when updating your resume. Did you know that there are over 55 million employers registered on LinkedIn? In fact, according to, over 122 million people received an interview via LinkedIn.  Harness the power of LinkedIn by using these five tips. 1. […]

The Top 5 Skills Employers Want On Your Resume

Is your resume ready for 2022? With the new year underway, it’s the perfect time to beef up the skills section of your resume. Whether you are actively searching for a job or thinking about your next career move, consistently updating your resume is a great way to keep track of your professional accomplishments. Look […]

Why Happier Job Seekers are More Successful Job Seekers

Happy Job Seekers

Looking for a job will probably be stressful for you. Why? Because you’re already unhappy with your situation (you’re either unemployed or working at a job you dislike). You can’t do anything about the other applicants who want the same job as you, or the grouchy hiring manager, but the good news is you are […]