Career Advice: 4 of the Most In-Demand Accounting Jobs of 2022

Four of the most in-demand accounting jobs of 2022

If you’re good at budgeting and have an eye for detail, consider a career in accounting. These jobs compensate well and provide excellent opportunities for growth and fulfillment as essential stakeholders in a company. Continue reading to discover four of the most in-demand accounting jobs of 2022.   The best companies know that accounting and […]

Uncover the Secret to Attracting Top Talent [2022 Recruitment Trends]

Attract Great Candidates to Your Company

We’ve gathered the biggest and most actionable recruitment trends for 2022. Keep up with these, and your candidate pool will thank you! Employer Brand Though your company and employer brands share the same DNA, it’s important to realize they are different. Your company brand influences customers to choose your product. In contrast, employer branding is […]

It’s Time for Spring Cleaning: Update Your References

As you progress through the hiring process, you know that when the interviewer asks for your references, you’re on the shortlist for the position. Your references can make or break whether or not you receive the offer. When is the last time you thought about whom you have on your reference list? It may be […]

Focus of Georgia’s Job Search Checklist

No matter how much experience you have, a job search is never easy. Whether you’re entering the workforce for the first time, interested in fresh start at a new company, or an executive looking to advance your career, it’s hard to know exactly where to start to make sure you’re doing everything in your power. […]

The One Surprising Step You Should Take to Find Your Next Opportunity

So you need a new job! And you’ve taken all the right steps—you updated your resume, cleaned up your social media profiles, drafted a cover letter, alerted your network, and …now what? You’ve forgotten one important step. And it could be this step that’s the difference between finding the job of your dreams and settling […]

3 Ways to Say Thank You to Your Employees This Season

Focus of Georgia

The holiday season is a time to give and show you care. You’ve probably already thought about gifts for your friends and family, but don’t overlook your employees. Showing your employees you care is more than just being nice, it’s good for the health of your business. When your employees feel appreciated and valued, they’re […]

What Employers Want to See in Their Next Accounts Payable Clerk

An accounts payable clerk is a crucial piece of any organization. They complete payments and control a company’s expenses by receiving, processing, verifying, and reconciling invoices. Any company looking to hire a new clerk is going to be extra careful, making sure they hire the most qualified and talented person for the job. Here’s what […]

Yes, You Can Be Too Eager in a Job Interview

You don’t want to seem too eager in a job interview. It’s like dating—if you’re seeing someone who calls too much, texts all day long, and wants to see you all the time, it usually ends up being a turn-off. And the same is true in a job interview. If you’re too eager, you risk […]

What Experienced Managers Wished They Knew As First-Time Managers

Focus of Georgia

There’s a lot to consider once you achieve management status. Not only are you thinking about staying under budget and coordinating schedules, but also developing talent and managing personalities. It can be stressful, and if you’ve never been in a management position before, the learning curve is steep—there’s a lot at risk, but it will […]