The Ultimate Guide to Building Your Tech Portfolio in 2023

The Ultimate Guide to Building Your Tech Portfolio in 2023

Does your tech portfolio truly showcase your competitive advantage?    Despite rampant talks of a looming recession, the truth is that the demand for tech professionals remains robust. The unemployment rate for tech professionals in October 2022 was a measly 2.2 percent. Moreover, a recent study revealed that 52 percent of tech professionals consider changing jobs […]

What’s New in Tech: In Demand Tech Skills Employers Are Looking For in 2023


In the past few years, there has been exponential growth in the demand for tech skills. High-demand skillsets include data analytics, cybersecurity, and software development. The emergence of new technologies, such as artificial intelligence and augmented reality, is also contributing to this trend. With the rapid development of artificial intelligence, machine learning, and other technologies, we can […]

Revamping Your Resume? What to Cut and What to Keep

remove outdated information from your resume.

Is it time to revamp your resume? How do you decide what to cut and to keep? Have you ever spent the day applying for jobs and submitting your resume only to receive NO RESPONSE from recruiters? Let’s assume you’re qualified for the jobs, so what’s the deal? Perhaps it’s time to review your resume […]

Is it Time to Break into a Cybersecurity Career?

Is it time for you to break into a cybersecurity career? Wherever there is something valuable, there will also be a danger of theft. Everything is online, from personal data and photos to national secrets. This information is invaluable and, in the wrong hands, could be detrimental to entire countries. Thus, developing layers of security […]

Ask for a Raise with Proper Planning and Execution

how to ask for a raise

Salary. It’s a seemingly highly classified topic that nobody talks about openly, but only with select company members. Most people are not comfortable conversing about specific numbers or why they deserve a higher salary than others. We all have one thing in common, we want a triumphant end: a pay increase.   Let’s be real: […]

The Key to Pivoting Your Career Into Tech

Guest Post by Chelsea Lamb With offices opening back up and abundant remote working opportunities, there’s never been a better time than now to make a change in your career. Explore these tips to see if the time is right to make a career change into tech. Spend Time Researching If you want to switch […]

Want to Take Your Goal Setting to the Next Level?

Professional Goal Setting Tips

Goal setting sounds easy enough. You point toward your dreams and say, “that’s where I’m headed,” and you’re on your way, right? It’s a good start, but you have just activated a vision, not a goal. Your vision for your career is the overarching picture or idea of what you’d like to have happen. Your […]

Ace that Virtual Interview Like a Tech Professional

virtual interview tips

The interview date is set, and all you have to do is to ace that interview, and the job is yours. But there is a slight catch: it will be via a video conference app. With the current situation of everyone adjusting to the new normal, this should not come as a surprise to you. […]

The Future of Machine Learning is Now

While Si-Fi Movies portray that machine learning could lead to a real-life Terminator series, a Skynet attack is not happening soon. Artificial Intelligence is still in the very early phase. Machine learning is the ability of a computer (or a machine) to learn and achieve things without explicitly programming them to do so. Instead, the […]