5 Tips for Building Trust in the Workplace

Trust is essential when building a healthy and productive work environment. Whether you’re leading an entire department or work hand in hand with a few coworkers, it’s important to build trusting relationships. Here are several tips to help build trust with both your coworkers and your superiors: Be honest and share information completely. Be straightforward and […]

Get Motivated

Today, we’re going to focus on 5 ways to turn negative thoughts into positive action. You have a lot of potential – start recognizing it! You may not be built like a bodybuilder or be mistaken for a supermodel. But with positive thinking, focusing on your strengths, and self-determination you can achieve some truly amazing things. […]

Nine Ways to Empower Your Team Every Day

Focus of Georgia

Good leaders successfully manage their teams every day, however, great leaders empower their team helping them unleash their potential and providing them opportunities to make an impact. Make the most of your team by empowering them every day. 1. Listen There is nothing better than feeling heard and knowing that your ideas and opinions matter. […]

It’s Time for Spring Cleaning: Update Your References

As you progress through the hiring process, you know that when the interviewer asks for your references, you’re on the shortlist for the position. Your references can make or break whether or not you receive the offer. When is the last time you thought about whom you have on your reference list? It may be […]

How to Keep Your Staff Focused During March Madness

March Madness is an exciting time of year! You’ve filled out your brackets, and your favorite team has never had such a good first round match-up. You’ll do whatever it takes to watch the big game. But it’s not so exciting if you’re a manager or a supervisor. You have goals to reach and quotas […]

Don’t Leave Your Job Search Up to Luck

Finding a new job that you love is no easy task. It’s nerve-racking, tedious, and stressful! It can be a really overwhelming process, but if you have the right mindset and strategy, it’ll pay off with a truly rewarding job. Working with a staffing company can help you create your own luck so you better […]

How Your Long Commute Could be Affecting Your Health

A long commute is not uncommon—some workers travel more than an hour each way to work, either on trains, buses or in cars. Despite how common they are, these long commutes can be damaging to your health. They’re stressful, reduce your sleep, increase your snacking, and limit your free time. It’s worth trying to keep […]

4 Easy Ways to Keep Your Applicants Interested

Hiring might be one of the most challenging tasks an employer has. It’s a delicate balance of finding the most talented candidates who will fit into your company culture and making the right offer. And if you don’t treat those candidates the right way, updating them throughout the process you risk losing them to a […]

Focus of Georgia’s Job Interview Checklist

It doesn’t matter who you are, job interviews are intense! Even if you’re extroverted and totally at ease with new people, the stress of having a possible job on the line takes the anxiety up a notch. Here are eight steps to prepare for your next job interview. Do some research Reread the job post. […]

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