From Conflicting Visions to Customer Empowerment:
How Focus Partnered to Facilitate a Seamless Platform Upgrade

Scaling a fast-growing company can be tough, especially when finding the right talent is an uphill battle. Conflicting job descriptions and lengthy hiring processes can slow down and hamper innovation.

At Focus People, we understand these challenges firsthand. Scaling can feel overwhelming when you grapple with understanding your staffing needs.

Today, we’ll share our story of becoming a strategic hiring partner for a global loan servicing and credit asset management firm, making one crucial hire to drive their success.

The Obstacle

Our client, a vibrant financial services company founded in London in 2008, specializes in tailored products for investors across diverse credit markets. Boasting a workforce of about 200 employees and an impressive annual revenue of $50m – $100m, they have established a robust international presence, with locations in Europe, Asia, Australia, and the US. Their proficiency extends across front, middle, and back-office services, focusing on commercial lending and loan lifecycle management.

In 2017, the company embarked on a strategic expansion into Atlanta, presenting various challenges, particularly in hiring. Recognizing the importance of having the right people in place to support a growing company, Focus People promptly stepped in, providing staffing solutions IT, financial, administrative and other roles within the company.

We quickly established ourselves as trusted partners of the firm, identifying and placing both permanent and contract employees across multiple departments. Placements ranged from executive support, office management, treasury, financial analysis, tax and insurance compliance, loan servicing, investor reporting, commercial real estate support, paralegal support, and software development However, conflicting visions for one software development role resulted in discrepancies in job descriptions among managers in Canada, London, and Atlanta.

In this case study, we will delve into the journey of our partnership, navigating challenges and achieving significant milestones along the way.


Here’s how we approached this challenge to ensure the best outcomes for our collaboration:

  1. Understanding the Role: We began by collaborating with the client to redefine the software developer position, clarifying conflicting job descriptions and identifying the essential skills required.
  2. Identifying Dual Expertise: We recognized the role’s complexity, understanding that more than technical skills are needed. We actively searched for candidates with financial expertise and technical proficiency, leveraging our extensive network to find such talent
  3. Using Feedback for Improvement: Rather than dismissing negative feedback, we carefully analyzed it for insights. This allowed us to gain a deeper understanding of the role’s requirements and refine our approach accordingly.
  4. Tailoring Candidates to Fit: Armed with a clearer understanding, we tailored our search to find candidates who not only possessed technical skills but also aligned with the role’s unique demands.

At Focus People, we go beyond traditional talent sourcing. We act as strategic partners, offering market insights for collaborative decision-making. This approach was evident as we assisted our client in overcoming a new hiring challenge, ultimately identifying the ideal candidate for the software development need.


Our collaboration led to a seamlessly modernized platform, empowering our client’s customers to monitor their loans in real time. The newly hired Full Stack .NET Software Developer was crucial in organizing and extracting data, ensuring clients could easily navigate the portal and access loan status insights.

As part of modernization, all data was migrated to the cloud, improving accessibility, security, and operational efficiency for our clients and customers.


Our collaborative efforts in modernizing our client’s platform have resulted in significant improvements, greatly benefiting their customers:

  • Enhanced Customer Empowerment: Through platform transformation, clients have a greater sense of involvement in the loan process, offering them increased control and transparency.
  • Real-time Accessibility: Introducing a user-friendly portal allows clients to conveniently access real-time loan data, leading to a smoother and more informed user experience and bolstering loyalty to our client.
  • Improved Analytics: Developing a new portal has led to more intuitive tracking experiences like those offered by leading e-commerce platforms such as Amazon.

In conclusion, our partnership journey underscores resilience and collaboration in overcoming challenges and achieving milestones.

Through strategic decisions, we’ve successfully scaled operations and modernized the platform, ultimately enhancing the customer experience.

We’re proud of these milestones and invite you to join our success stories. If you value effective hiring solutions, reach out today. Let’s shape the future of talent acquisition and drive success together.

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