Beyond Fall Leaves and Barbeques: Celebrating Employees for Labor Day 2023 

Beyond Fall Leaves and Barbeques: Celebrating Employees for Labor Day 2023 

Our employees are our most valuable resources as employers. So, we should appreciate their efforts and contributions and let them know they are genuinely being cared for. After all, these dedicated employees are at the heart of every thriving company. 

So, in this post, we’ll discuss the different avenues you can take to give thanks and meaningful recognition to the people who help make your business possible.  

Employee Recognition vs. Employee Appreciation 

Recognition and appreciation are two terms we often interchange. While both are equally important, there’s a distinctive factor between them. 

Recognition tells a story of an employee’s exceptional accomplishments and how they are acknowledged. It can be from their performance, attendance, or any other situations where they excel. On the flip side, appreciation occurs when employers simply recognize and value their employee’s presence. It’s not tied to any specific achievement. Instead, it’s about valuing employees for who they are and whatever they contribute. 

However, employee recognition is particularly important, and it’s the area where many employers often require assistance.  

Why Employee Recognition Is Important 

It may seem obvious to many, but why is there an emphasis on employee recognition? Why is recognizing your employees’ work vital to your company’s success? 

According to a survey by Great Place to Work, there’s a 69 percent chance of employees working more effectively with greater effort if their employers acknowledge their efforts.¹ 

However, if their bosses or managers don’t provide feedback, they are twice as likely to feel disconnected and less motivated. By recognizing your employees’ hard work, their performance can improve, ultimately leading to greater success in whatever task they undertake. 

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5 Ways to Celebrate Employees for Their Hard Work  

This year could be the start of something new. While you can make your employees feel appreciated and recognized in numerous ways, the following are some of the top actions you can take to show gratitude to your dedicated employees. 

1. Say “Thank You” Often  

Gallup’s survey has shown that 74 percent of employees said they feel valuable if they receive praise for their actions.²

It seems obvious, but the words “thank you” are seldom heard by employees in a workplace setting, especially from superiors. While there’s no reward attached to it, showing gratitude to your staff members has a ripple effect on their lives. They will feel better, perform better, and be better holistically. 

To put things in perspective, a simple “thank you” in the office can do a lot of things:  

  • Encourages, empowers, and motivates your employees to do better  
  • Promotes camaraderie and teamwork within the company  
  • Helps make people feel recognized and appreciated  
  • Builds confidence and dependence  

Building this culture of gratitude in a company will last forever; wherever your employees go, they’ll bring it with them.  

2. Recognition as a Requisition  

To your employees, recognizing their unwavering efforts and zeal is more than just an expression. Hearing good words from their superiors, even if what they did was a simple task, tremendously affects their psyche. Positive words from a respected figure can transform their thinking in ways both you and they might not have anticipated. 

Try putting yourself in their shoes. How would you feel after a session of praise and recognition?  

Transform your company’s culture by recognizing your employees and what they do. You’ll be surprised at how this simple verbal recognition can help them become better employees of your organization and better people in society. Doing so will allow them to become the best versions of themselves.  

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3. Get Creative with Benefits  

People are motivated by many things. However, one of the key reasons we work is to provide for our basic needs, like putting food on the table. It’s only reasonable that money can become a significant factor that drives most of us to work. After all, money creates possibilities and can improve one’s quality of life.  

But did you know that a study by McKinsey & Company reports that about 55 percent of employee engagement is motivated by nonfinancial recognition?³ Being creative with employee benefits supersedes even the highest of cash-based rewards. It will make your employees feel like you’re putting extra effort into rewarding them, making them feel more appreciated.  

One way to do it is to consider other reward types to give your employees the incentives they deserve. For instance, implementing flexible work arrangements, mental and well-being initiatives, and promoting open communication. Creativity, effort, and thoughtfulness are the currencies they’d appreciate. Conducting a simple survey to have a glimpse of what they want could also go a long way.  

4. Consistency is Key  

One of the things employers need to develop is consistency. Consistency in implementing rules and regulations, giving incentives or rewards to employees, and recognizing and appreciating your candidates in practically everything.  

Imagine the extra effort employees will put in when they know their efforts and contributions are recognized. Maintaining this approach throughout the year can enhance overall productivity and reduce demotivation, leading to increased reliability.  

Just because you initiated it this year doesn’t mean it has to go away next year. Incorporate all the positive practices consistently throughout the year and let them continue into the following year. Over time, you’ll realize that these practices have become a part of your organizational identity. 

5. Consider Team Building Activities  

Lastly, consider diving deeply into team-building activities. Some companies hold and coordinate team-building activities, inviting employees for a day or night of fun, laughter, and celebration. However, this only happens once a year.  

Team building doesn’t always have to be grand. It can be as simple as a fun day at the office, renting a space for all employees to gather and enjoy, or a simple lunch care of the business.  

Doing this lets you show your employees that you genuinely care about them and support a healthy work-life balance. Keep in mind that having motivated team members, even if they have areas to improve, is more beneficial than having a highly skilled employee with minimal reliability.  

Taking Care of Your Employees is Also Taking Care of Your Business  

Your company’s success relies on how well your employees perform, as their actions mirror your business’s reputation in the market. 

Given this, it’s fitting to invest in your employees just like you invest in your business. After all, your business can’t reach greater heights on its own. Your employees’ commitment is the primary driver of your company’s achievements.  

This year’s Employee Appreciation Day was on March 3rd, and it’ll be on March 1st next year, as it’s held on the first Friday. And while it’s important to know about these dates, this doesn’t mean you only celebrate with your employees during this time.  

Give your hardworking employees the appreciation and recognition they deserve, and don’t limit it to a day or a single year. Maintain consistency in doing so; your employees will value how you treat them more than you might anticipate.  


Interacting with your employees will make them feel more appreciated and acknowledged. However, another crucial aspect is identifying employees who are devoted and willing to put in their best effort for excellence. At Focus People, we prioritize finding the “right fit.”  

Our superior candidate-seeking methods will not only evaluate candidates in the initial stages but also aid you in successfully recruiting the best individuals you need. Reach out to us today and interview your candidates tomorrow.  


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