2023 Full Stack Developer Skills: 7 Must-Know Competencies for Career Advancement  

2023 Full Stack Developer Skills: 7 Must-Know Competencies for Career Advancement  

There’s no doubt that our future is filled with increasingly more innovation and technological advancement. From watching movies to buying groceries, it seems everything is online.  

This means a promising future for full-stack developers as the demand for their expertise continues to grow.    

What Makes a Full-Stack Developer in Demand Compared to Others? 

Generally, there are three types of website developers: full-stack, backend, and frontend.²  

Backend Developers 

“Backend” refers to the unseen aspects of a website. These types of developers focus on making the website or application function properly through coding. They aim to create a good, hassle-free experience for users by using different programming languages like Java and Python. 

Frontend Developers 

These developers focus on what users see on their screens when accessing web pages. These developers use different coding languages like Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) to design application or website interfaces. 

Full-Stack Developers 

Full-stack development is a combination of the two—a full package.  

They know how to code both the back and the front end of a website, capable of independently developing an application. They can make a site functional, but they also know how to design and appeal to users. Aside from this, they also test scalability and cybersecurity.  

When compared to the first two types, full-stack developers are much more desired. With only one programmer working on the website, employers are assured of the quality of work.  

Aside from that hiring a full-stack developer means having lesser cost. It eliminates miscommunication or miscoordination that can happen when you have two employees for back-end and front-end development. Users can also have a seamless experience when they navigate the website.  

Why the Need to Keep Improving as Full Stack Developers? 

According to a survey conducted by Stack Overflow in 2020, there were 65,000 developers worldwide. Out of this population, 54.9 percent identified themselves as full-stack.² 

Since the entire globe transitioned online in the same year due to the pandemic, it can be assumed that the population of developers has increased exponentially. Add the fact that a tech career became even more popular through the years. 

As a developer, you now have even more competition in the market. When a developer job opens, there will be countless others lining up for that job interview. 

So, what can you do to be considered for the position and ace that interview?  

Full Stack Developer Skills You Need to Have 

The best way to stand out among thousands of web developers is to become skillful in what you do. You need to have a strong foundation and control when it comes to front-end and back-end developments.  

We’ve categorized seven skills into three categories: Backend Web Development, Frontend Web Development, and Soft Skills. 

1. Backend Web Development 

Being a full-stack developer requires you to be skilled in creating and maintaining the “behind-the-scenes” of how websites or applications are developed. You need to know how to make the site run smoothly and effectively without any issues by having the skills listed below. 

Gain fluency in backend languages. 

You need to be fluent in programming languages and software development. It ensures that you can craftily code your website and it can run without complications. 

Try to display your coding skills with some of the programming software out there: 

  • Python 
  • Ruby 
  • Java 

Having more than one programming language is vital for software engineers. Each language has its own strengths and weaknesses, and it would be beneficial to know which one is best for your use case. It also gets you ahead of the competition as employers are more attracted to candidates with broader knowledge and skills. 

Learn proper file and database management. 

A database is an organized collection of data and information. Learning how to manage a database is important to keep data easily accessible, accurate, and reliable. 

Good database web storage can also help you integrate backend to frontend data. This results in better project management and a more effective website since the function coincides with the features seen on the interface. 

There are many available programs to use and here are some that you can start using. 

  • SQL 
  • Oracle Database 
  • Excel 
  • Amazon Redshift 

2. Frontend Web Development 

A website or application must run smoothly not only from a developer’s view but also from the user’s perspective. As a full-stack developer, you also need to think of the web architecture of your site.  

Create or modify web page designs. 

To create a good website or application, you need to have basic design skills so that you can customize the page according to your employer’s ideas and expectations. In creating and modifying sites, you can use different languages like: 

  • HTML 
  • CSS 
  • Java 

Aside from design, you need to learn how to manipulate the website’s layout and structure by using programming languages because it can affect the adaptability and readability of webpages. A website can look attractive on a desktop, but shapes and texts overlap when it’s viewed on a mobile phone.  

Remember, a good full-stack web developer considers all screens and devices when creating structures and layouts of pages. Look at different angles and consider the useability of each webpage to push inclusive and effective design decisions that can make you unique from other developers. 

3. Soft Skills 

Even if you’re the best software developer globally or you’re the top full-stack web developer out there, you will only achieve success if you possess the required soft skills. Aside from having technical skills, soft skills play a vital part in designing a website and it’s what gives life to a page on a screen. 

Think ahead of time. 

Creating a website requires you to envision something that does not yet exist. With only descriptions from employers, you need to have a good visualization of how the website will look and even anticipate user experience.  

It’s important to consider all these things along with the website’s features and layout, along with the specific language best for your project. 

Communicate and collaborate with your employer. 

Communication is key if you want to convey your concepts and ideas to clients. With all your skills and tools, the website is merely an idea if you can’t extract it from your employer.  

Be collaborative and interact well with those involved to bring about the best website version for your project.  

Have good attention to detail. 

Being a good web developer requires attention to detail and there will be times when your skills can be tested.  

It’s common for developers to spend hours and even days figuring out a mistake in a program. Only to find out that a line is missing a single symbol.  

As a software engineer or a web architect, it is crucial to possess both patience and a keen eye for identifying errors. 

Be passionate and eager to learn. 

Having a passion for your work increases the likelihood of developing not your skills but also your career. It’s great to finally build a great portfolio after developing various programs but it might prevent you in reaching for higher mountains.  

Being the best web developer means having the drive to learn more tools, advancing your career to different areas of the industry, and mastering what you already know and use.


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