2023 Rebranding Announcement: Focus People’s New Identity, Fresh Look, and Sharp Focus

When Amy Shockley founded Focus of Georgia in 1994, the vision was clear and simple: to provide opportunities for individuals to thrive in environments that allow them to grow personally and professionally. In the years that followed, we remained steadfast in pursuing the same goal, as evidenced by our positive client testimonials. 

With the ever-changing staffing market and recruitment shift toward more candidate-centric efforts, we strive to ensure the quality of our service stays the same as we expand our horizons. While our dedication to providing the best career opportunities for professionals remains, we wish to champion individuals’ stories better, forming more impactful connections with and between our candidates and clients.    

So, from this year forward, our Focus is not just on Georgia. It’s on the people we serve nationwide: clients, employees, and candidates. And to meet the demand of our national clients, Focus of Georgia is relaunching as Focus People. Our goal is to provide exceptional people to organizations and flexible career solutions for talented professionals across the country.  

Consistency is a standard here at Focus People. Our future and current clients can expect the excellence we have provided in the past decades, but with greater emphasis on individual success and valued relationships.  

As Focus People, our Focus is you – wherever you are, whoever you are. 

The 2023 rebrand: celebrating the success of our people.  

As a top-notch staffing agency, we take pride in the success we have garnered in the past 29 years. Being in the top 7 percent of staffing firms across the United States, we can say that we have always stayed true to our mission:  

  • To provide a culture and atmosphere that inspires our staff to enjoy and excel in their roles.  

  • To respect, enlighten, and encourage our colleagues, customers, and employees with every opportunity.  

Moving forward, Focus People will contribute to this mission further by creating more meaningful opportunities through powerful relationships. Especially in this candidate-centric market, the goal of recruitment is not simply filling vacancies within a workforce but understanding each potential hire’s capabilities and preferences and which position will be the best fit.  

In other words, we at Focus People choose to get to know each candidate that comes our way and lead them toward the best career opportunity. We will focus on the specific qualities and talents essential to successful partnerships with our customers and uncover and create opportunities.  

For employers, we are your path to great talent.  

In the current job market, for companies to achieve longevity in the employees they hire, the right job for the right person is imperative. We are proud that through our recruitment efforts, our internal team has an average of 8 years in tenure.   

We attribute this to our intuitive approach, guided by always having sustainability in mind. Focus People will do more than just fill positions. We will cross from building relationships to driving excellent results rooted in understanding the employer’s vision for their business.   

In assisting your company in gathering the best talent, expect Focus People to:  

  • Tailor-fit the hiring process. We are set on going through a careful and precise recruitment process rather than quick methods that only aim to fill vacancies. This includes targeted searches to ensure your next hire fits your corporate vision.  

  • High-impact individuals only. Our recruitment process involves a meticulous selection process to only come up with suitable hires. We are determined to give you only the best talent, even if it means pursuing passive candidates.  

  • Streamlined process. Focus People is committed to practicing efficiency in hiring. Our award-winning recruitment process finds the best talent on the first try. Therefore, no time is wasted.  

  • Staffing expertise. We have always been the best choice for companies nationwide to get top talent. Our recruitment team is committed to building an extensive talent network and further understanding the changing job market. Whether you are hiring for a project or a full-time role, Focus People will deliver the best results and be flexible to your corporate needs.  

By achieving a net promoter score of three times the industry standard, employers can rest assured with Focus People. Our candidate-centric approach has helped various corporations access an esteemed talent pool, get high employee retention rates, and generate more referrals. Success in company goals starts with success in hiring, and Focus People is here to help you reach success.   

For candidates, we’ll provide you with career opportunities and solutions.

Focus People understands your unique professional characteristics and specific needs in your own journey. Partnering with us is your gateway to a holistic approach to job hunting and career growth, making sure to consider your skills and aspirations. We will also be forward-looking in providing long-term development opportunities so that you’ll achieve career goals within the company you work in.  

Are you looking for a short-term contract or a full-time position? We customize job search solutions for you, as we have contract, contract-to-hire, and direct hire opportunities. Trust that we’ll take the time to listen to your unique needs to ensure we do not place you at a job opening or company that doesn’t suit your preferences. This is because here at Focus People, job fit is non-negotiable.  

Furthermore, Focus People advocates for diversity and exclusivity. As a woman-owned company, we put a premium on equal opportunity. Our decades worth of experience has helped us prove that excellence in any profession is not defined by one’s gender, age, or background. The different perspectives and influences brought by diversity can be utilized by companies and their employees to foster positive work environments. 

Below are the four values that can summarize our hiring efforts:  

  • Holistic. In providing career opportunities, we consider multiple aspects of your personality, interests, goals, experience, and much more. We aim to find the best career path for you.  

  • High-touch. Our relationship doesn’t end at hiring. We have Happiness Coordinators that will contact you to see how you’re doing.  

  • Consistent. With 28 years in the recruitment industry, our idea of the perfect hire has evolved. This means better focus in deciding who will fit in which job opportunity.  

  • Transparent. Focus People practices constant communication with our candidates. You will stay informed on how your job search is going.  

We’ve had a long list of professionals approach us for help directing their careers, and it’s been a great joy watching them flourish in their unique ways. Our 93% candidate net promoter score speaks for itself, but we couldn’t have done it without the professionals who trusted our vision for them. The relationships we’ve built with our employees are a testament to our success as a staffing agency, and you can be part of this success.  

Here at Focus People, your success is our priority.  

The coming years are full of hope and excitement, and we look forward to more relationships we can build and the career milestones we can help people achieve. Join us as we move forward with a renewed outlook on providing meaningful opportunities and producing effective relationships. We’ve always been about the success of our people, and we want you to be part of this success. Contact Focus People now. 

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