New Grads are Always in Demand. Here’s What They Want Out of Work


The National Center for Education Statistics reported a stable increase in students pursuing bachelor’s degrees and other postsecondary education qualifications. Graduates of 2022 are composed mainly of the Gen Z generation, or the Zoomers as they are also known. The new breed of future employees is more educated than ever, making them better equipped for the challenges of their future workplaces.   

Changes in working arrangements during the pandemic are here to stay and will precede into 2023. The graduates of 2022 will be in demand in many companies. They are not afraid of waiting for the perfect offer. Many young adults are inclined to stay with their parents to save more and compensate for the lack of affordable housing. As they are an in-demand generation, they are also likely to have their demands as they navigate their way through work. Here are some of what they want: 

1. Opportunities for Growth 

The graduates of 2022, composed mostly of Gen Z, will lead the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Growing at an exponential rate, the progress to the fourth industrial revolution brings change and challenges that the new generation of graduates wants to be well-equipped to handle. Thus, they are not afraid of new knowledge.  

However, they are also eager to get instant rewards. Gen Z seems to be the most daring generation as of yet. They are open to learning more skills for internal mobility and professional development. Attracting and retaining the new generation of employees will require providing them with growth opportunities within your company.  

Growth opportunities can include looking into multiple career paths and training in various departments. In addition, having the privilege to experience different teams within the company can challenge employees and improve their bond with the company. 

2. Mobility and Flexibility 

New graduates are more open to work arrangements suited to their lifestyle and finances. Many are open to a hybrid work setup. Those who had to experience virtual classes and internships are more eager to experience working in an office. However, new graduates want flexible hours to attend to the needs of their households and immediate families.  

Allowing work-from-home setups can lead to diversity and better mobility for companies and their employees. It lets your company hire talents both locally and abroad. It also creates career opportunities for other skilled international candidates to experience the global workplace.  

Remote work also provides mobility for employees who need to relocate. It’s because the increasing cost of real estate and housing in big cities hurts households with multiple members. 

3. Transparency and Stability in Compensation 

Conversations on pay transparency are not new. Fourteen states and five cities in the US have laws on transparency in compensation. It’s also because the new workforce generation is open to discussing salaries with their peers and managers. For example, companies and recruitment staff are now legally obligated to disclose to job seekers in New York City the pay in their job ads.  

Knowledge of compensation can help female employees know if the pay gap is being addressed within their company. The pay gap is a reminder that discrimination against minority groups is still prevalent in certain institutions and organizations. Gen Z is a generation that demands equality for all, and this can reflect in their job applications.  

As pay transparency in many companies and organizations continues, so is the need for stable compensation. Yahoo reports that Millennials and Gen Z are not asking for higher salaries but humane ones. Livable salaries make the rate of inflation in the market bearable. Being paid a decent wage also makes access to necessities, such as healthcare for them and their families, easier. 

4. Mental Health Support  

Many workers are not shy to talk about needing access to mental health support. Eighty percent of workers want a workplace that cares about it. Gen Z is also the most open to talking about mental health. They are also the most receptive to discussing and wanting access to it from professionals. Thus, it’s inevitable that the incoming new workforce from the new graduates of 2022 will want a company that provides this.  

Other aspects of employment can also affect an employee’s mental health. These include salary, benefits, professional development opportunities, flexibility, and tasks aligned with the role description. Recruitment teams should be able to cite existing policies within the company that would address the potential triggers of mental health exhaustion of your current and future employees.  

Mental health support within a company need not be expensive. Operations and management staff can create and implement small steps in introducing better health considerations for your current and future employees. The key is to start from something and move past the stigma of mental health as an organization. 

5. Accessible Mentors and Partners 

Does your organization have mentors or micromanagers? A report from Forbes highlights that many younger employees want to be mentored, not managed. The new generation of employees wants to be taught the skills they need in the company. In this age of access to unlimited information, recent graduates can find solutions and alternative options to problems they might encounter. However, helping them navigate through their work tasks will be more efficient.  

Aside from mentors, you can also set up a buddy system within your organization. The buddy system can help your new employees bond with their seniors in the company.   

Having a good mentor and buddy system can help your recruitment staff entice more candidates into your workplace. You can use such methods as proof of employee support your company offers.  

New graduates also explore applying for jobs through staffing firms. It will thus be a good idea to partner with them to equip your recruiters on dealing with the generational differences of candidates in the job market. Many staffing firms have years of experience handling candidates from various backgrounds.  

With a staffing firm, you can depend on skilled human resource staff to help address your candidates’ concerns and assure them of your company’s policies and intentions to push forward. 


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