Women in Tech are Women of Impact

“It’s a great time to be a woman.” Many of the female population can confidently say this right now, with society taking great strides to champion womanhood. Gender equality and inclusivity helped the world recognize the valuable contributions of women, and there is no stopping this emergence we all know as “girl power.” 

Businesses have also started to address the gender gap by hiring more women and placing them in executive roles. These professionals are also slowly taking over tech jobs, and females in tech leadership positions will soon be the norm. Like many formerly male-dominated industries, the tech sector welcomes more females now than ever. 

It’s not only the best time to be a woman but also to become one in the tech industry. There are multitudes of reasons why women in tech will soon run the world, and if you are thinking of joining them, read on to solidify this decision fully. 


How Are Women Rising to the Challenges of the Tech Industry? 

Many females nowadays are taking up space in technology and are also key individuals in organizations creating opportunities for them. These proponents of gender equality embody the ample support from society for women in tech. 


Young Girls Are Gaining Interest In STEM 

The Integrated Postsecondary Education Data Systems shared impressive data on students in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics, or STEM. From 34 percent in 1994 and 40 percent in 2010, 45 percent of US students are majoring in STEM in 2020. Also, the prestigious Research Science Institute, a STEM summer program for high school students, predicts to welcome more girls and boys this current year, at 55 percent.

This progress in education is good news, particularly for science and tech companies who wish to employ more females in the future. Graduates in these fields can counter the gender divide and further promote diversity. 


There Is a Plethora of Organizations Helping Women in Tech 

With the growing attraction for females to step into the technology field, groups are coming forward to assist them. Schools, nonprofit organizations, and companies are opening up to teach skills for tech jobs. 


    • For example, Girls Who Code is an organization offering summer schools, after-school clubs, and career advice, plus networking for college students in programming. They found out that among girls aged 6-12 years, 66 percent are interested in trying out programming, but that number dwindles to 32 percent when they reach 13-17 and down to four percent when they reach college. Girls Who Code stands as a community that will support this passion for programming at any age.
    • Another group called MotherCoders is dedicated to helping women with college degrees get back to work through opportunities in tech companies. They offer a nine-week technology training program, which includes onsite childcare so that mothers can stay confident that their kids are looked after while they study.

These are only some groups that are putting in the effort to advance women’s rights to have tech careers. With this growing support, female programmers and software engineers will soon become the norm. 


Female Tech Workers And Leaders Are On The Rise 

Deloitte Global predicts that by the end of 2022, women’s representation in the tech industry will rise to 33 percent, an increase of two percentage points from 2019. The research firm also forecasts that one in four leadership roles in tech companies will be held by women in 2022. This data indicates that tech companies are becoming more conscious of giving a voice to female professionals and recognizing their contributions to the ever-changing tech industry. 

What Is The Impact Of Employing More Women In Tech? 

With the outpour of opportunities for women in tech like you, there should be better confidence to pursue tech and executive positions. Females have a different take on male-dominated aspects of a business, let alone in tech companies. So, it’s time to have courage and pursue a career in technology because your presence can make an impact. 

This improvement can be linked to desirable changes in how the company tackles productivity and problem-solving. Diversity within the workforce and leadership, whether through gender, cultural background, or others, has contributed to different ways of sorting out issues and arriving at innovative solutions. 

These benefits ultimately led to better productivity and more ROI and profits. So go ahead and pass an application to the best tech companies. Your point of view as a female tech professional will undoubtedly be well-appreciated. 

    • A female workforce appeals to a larger consumer demographic. This insight should come as no surprise: American women are top spenders compared to men. There are more products out there catered to females than males, and many of them are within the household. Smart appliances, for example, are all the rage nowadays, and while there are efforts to share roles at home, women still know the best products to use.Additionally, a lot of tech products and services cater to women. The rise of female technology or “femtech” apps that don’t only attend to health concerns unique to them but also to their quest to look for ways to take care of themselves independently.Imagine the impact of women creating products for fellow women. They know what others of the same gender need and what is convenient and effective for them. They also know the right products and services that are marketable to people they genuinely understand. Allowing women in tech to dominate is indeed empowering for the female community.


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