Quick Ways to Improve Your Speaking Technique

Improve Your Speaking Technique

Effective communication is key, whether in an interview, a team meeting, a large presentation, or a networking event.
No matter where you are or who you are with, here are some valuable tips that can improve your speaking technique.

Consider Your Audience:

Before you speak, always consider your audience. Are you at a professional networking event? Or are you talking to your manager during a one-on-one? Consider that both situations call for a different tone. Your language should be relatable and appropriate for the setting.

Look for the right moments to laugh. Use a bit of humor and anecdotes to connect with your audience and lighten the mood. Humor at work is not about wisecracks. It’s about levity. Levity is a powerful bonding agent that propels relationships forward. Tap the link to learn more from Harvard Business Review about using humor in the workplace.

Create a Storyline:

Creating a straightforward narrative is a great way to capture a listener’s attention. Rather than lacing together quick facts on a subject, create a storyline. Tap here to learn from Indeed why storytelling is essential for professionals at all levels (and tips to help you develop your storytelling skills).

Create Space for Conversation:

Regardless of whether you are a temporary employee or leader, remember nobody likes to be lectured. When communicating a thought or idea, apply the principles discussed in the “Create a Narrative” section and pause for a response. Allow whoever you are speaking with to engage in the conversation. You will quickly lose your listeners’ attention by droning on and not creating an opportunity for the exchange to be a two-way street.

The goal of improving your speaking technique is to make others feel seen and more at ease. As John Powell said, “Communication works for those who work at it.”

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