Career Advice: 4 of the Most In-Demand Accounting Jobs 

In-Demand Accounting Jobs 

Are you good at budgeting, or do you have an eye for detail?  

If yes, it may be wise to consider accounting as your career. Aside from providing professionals with high compensation, the accounting field offers excellent opportunities for growth and fulfillment. You can even become an essential stakeholder in your company.  

If you’re wondering how to become an accountant, we’re here to help you start your auditing and accounting career. Continue reading this article to discover four of the most in-demand careers in accounting that you can apply for. 

The Value of Accounting Roles and Finding the Right Employees

Behind every quality product and service are the right employees, developing and perfecting the company’s offerings. Without them, it’s difficult to achieve an organization’s goals. A company’s success can be attributed to every individual person on its team. This is particularly true in the accounting field. The best companies recognize their success hinges on strong accounting and auditing teams.  

Jim Collins’ Good to Great 

In Jim Collins’ book, Good to Great, he describes a strategy as “getting the right people on the bus.” The book measures a company’s success by looking at its workforce. It states that the right people will send a company to greater heights by setting the correct benchmarks and behavioral standards.  

Adopting this strategy at the onset can get a company into a “flywheel cycle and avoid the doom loop,” as Jim explains. According to him, the flywheel cycle is a company’s gradual building of momentum until it eventually runs efficiently, which relies on a solid core accounting staff. On the other hand, the doom loop means taking drastic measures such as frequent layoffs or company restructuring that can lead to a painful decline.  

How Accountants Add Value to a Business

Considering Jim’s strategy, here are more examples of how accountants add valuable contributions to businesses: 

Financial Expertise  

Accountants have specialized knowledge in recording, analyzing, and evaluating financial data. This expertise in finance is vital for strong company oversight, allowing business leaders to make informed decisions.  

Attention to Detail 

Accountants must pay meticulous attention to detail, ensuring accurate and efficient financial analyses. Their careful reviews ensure transactions are properly documented and reported. 

Analytical Skills 

With sharp analytical abilities, accountants carefully study financial statements to provide recommendations that guide major business decisions. Their insights effectively identify issues that need to be addressed. 


As handlers of sensitive financial information, accountants are trustworthy employees known for their honesty and integrity. Their reliable character assures the accurate and confidential reporting that your business needs. 

Compliance Knowledge 

Accountants maintain fluency in the tax codes and compliance regulations affecting filing and reporting requirements. This knowledge ensures legal conformity and law compliance. 

The Wealth of Opportunities in Accounting and Audit

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that there are over a million auditor and accountant jobs in the USA alone.1 This number is expected to grow exponentially as businesses increasingly rely on accounting professionals, with more than 130,000 job openings projected each year. It’s undeniable that accounting and audit professionals can find opportunities in various industries, giving them a wealth of career paths to choose from.  

Aside from the versatility and specialized opportunities the industry provides, accounting careers also provide unique advantages for individuals. For those seeking stability, accounting offers recession-proof and dependable employment. As long as businesses operate, accountants will continue to produce financial statements, audit cash flows, and analyze operational and financial data.  

With the rise of AI, professionals fear being replaced by machines. But for accountants, technology can serve as a tool to enrich their work experience. Additionally, globalization has increased the mobility of accountancy as firms deliver services worldwide, allowing businesses to support worldwide operations and continue expansion across borders.  

Four Major Accounting Roles to Look Forward to

Accountancy provides diverse roles and responsibilities, allowing professionals to leverage their unique strengths and interests. Based on job growth projections, compensation, and advancement opportunities, here are four of the most in-demand accounting jobs worth pursuing: 

1. Public Accountants 

Public accountants often work in auditing, tax, and consultancy fields. They have various clients in corporations, governments, individuals, or non-profit organizations. They need to work well in a team and build strong relationships with colleagues and clients. Ongoing learning is a must, as regulations and standards are constantly evolving. 

On average, public accountants earn $119,558 a year.2 To succeed as a public accountant, you need a commitment to excellence and constant improvement. Strong analytical, communication, and people skills are also essential, allowing professionals to clearly explain complex financial information to clients. 

2. Information Technology Auditors 

With many companies shifting to telecommuting, remote work is becoming the new standard, offering more opportunities to IT auditors. IT auditors review controls for their organization’s IT systems to ensure that financial and non-financial data come from trustworthy sources.  

They evaluate the effectiveness of IT infrastructures and determine if systems are safeguarding corporate assets and maintaining data integrity. In addition, these professionals test security measures to ensure that company protocols and procedures are reliable. 

An IT auditor earns an average of $119,693.3 To become an IT auditor, professionals typically need a bachelor’s degree in information technology, accounting, or a related field. You can also finish accounting specialization courses. For example, many choose to become Certified Information Systems Auditors (CISA) to demonstrate their specialized expertise. 

3. External Auditors 

External auditors ensure the proper management of an organization’s funds, revenue sources, internal controls such as financial data preparation, and the risk management of cybersecurity measures or supply chains. To maintain checks and balances, they work for a third-party organization and audit their company clients.  

The role of an external auditor is to provide an independent, objective evaluation of a company’s financial statements, accounting records, and business operations. They carefully examine financial reports, accounting policies, and compliance practices for inaccuracies or evidence of fraud. External auditors then decide whether the company’s financial statements are fairly presented. 

Job aspirants must be inquisitive and capable of asking probing questions professionally. Apart from being a good listener and a critical thinker, a good auditor is also a natural skeptic. They must also be adept in software applications that can help them automate their work. An external auditor earns a median salary of $79,814.4 

4. Database Architect 

A global study by International Data Corporation found that data collection by enterprises is expected to increase by 42.2 percent yearly.5 As a result, database architecture or data analytics are distinguished career options if you are an accountant looking for a career change. 

With many companies storing substantial amounts of data, the work of data architects is becoming increasingly critical. They primarily assist companies in storing and securing their data, often working with upper management and computer engineers to create efficient and effective data structures. 

Data architects have degrees in relevant fields such as computer science, computer engineering, and information technology. Each year, they earn a median salary of $172,074.6 


Jumping into unfamiliar waters can become less scary with the right partner.  

With Focus People, you can find the best accountant job opportunities by leveraging our network and years of staffing expertise. We offer entry-level and managerial positions, whether direct or contract. 

Reach out to us today to begin your journey! 


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