Revamping Your Resume? What to Cut and What to Keep

remove outdated information from your resume.

Is it time to revamp your resume? How do you decide what to cut and to keep?

Have you ever spent the day applying for jobs and submitting your resume only to receive NO RESPONSE from recruiters? Let’s assume you’re qualified for the jobs, so what’s the deal? Perhaps it’s time to review your resume with fresh eyes.

First, remove outdated information from your resume. Then, review these tips.

Minimize The Information:

When reviewing all the information on your resume, it is essential to remember that less is more. Consider looking at your work experience section. Are any of the positions listed not relevant to the job you are applying for? If not, this is an excellent opportunity to clean up and align your resume with the new job you hope to land.

Combine Sections:

A quick way to save space on your resume comes from Indeed. This recent article recommends combining sections of your resume. An example is creating separate areas for professional experience and education and then fitting the remaining information, such as skills, achievements, and interests, into a general section with a name like “Additional information.”

No Photos:

As much as your million-dollar smile could be a selling point, having your headshot on your resume is not considered professional. Removing your photo from your resume allows recruiters to view you as a professional (and save you a lot of space).

Skills Section:

We know you have a list of excellent skills. Still, the truth is you should only list skills relevant to the position you are applying for (and those that will differentiate you from other candidates). So, here are a few skills that will help to set you apart from the rest of the applicants.

Incorporate this list of hard and soft skills. Tap this link to see the complete list from Indeed.

● Technical Literacy
● Resource Management
● Conflict Resolution
● Time Management

Is it time to revamp your resume? Are you looking for more tips on capturing a recruiter’s eye? Visit the Focus blog or call our office at 770-937-0410; one of our recruiters is happy to help you.

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