Is it Time to Break into a Cybersecurity Career?

Is it time for you to break into a cybersecurity career?

Wherever there is something valuable, there will also be a danger of theft. Everything is online, from personal data and photos to national secrets.

This information is invaluable and, in the wrong hands, could be detrimental to entire countries. Thus, developing layers of security around vital information is the only option. This protection is known as cybersecurity. 

What’s cybersecurity all about? 

To be more precise, cybersecurity is deploying multiple layers of protective mechanisms spread across computers, the cloud, data, or programs. These layers work together to ensure total safety and security from threats. 

How does cybersecurity work? 

Thieves have become innovative over the years, adapting different methods and techniques to obtain sensitive information from individuals and employing advanced skills to break into secure servers and clouds.

While basic knowledge of cyber threats is of the essence in this scenario (like setting up strong passwords for accounts and not leaving any device connected to the internet without a passcode), the role of advanced protection mechanisms and technology cannot be ignored.

Thus, we could say that cybersecurity works at three levels. 

· People 

· Processes 

· Technology 

What are the distinct types of threats faced? 

In cyber-attacks, thieves could employ different digital threats to implement their plans. These attacks could then lead to loss of access to a secure server or computer and the leaking of sensitive information or private photos or files across the internet. The common threats are 

· Ransomware – malicious software with the sole intent of using the blocked access or stolen information as leverage for ransom in the form of money, assets, or anything else valuable. Paying the ransom does not guarantee admission to the computer or recovery of the stolen data. 

· Phishing – mimicking emails from reputable sources is the most common threat. When people see a respected name asking for sensitive information, they are more likely to give in and thus fall prey to these malicious attempts. 

· Malware – software that can gain the thieves unauthorized access to steal data or cause damage to a cloud or computer. 

In short, cyber security is the utilization of techniques, software, and process to ensure the safety and security of data present online. Indeed, where there is a lock present, there will always be those who will find a way to break it. In response, we must create a series of locks or protection behind the lock.

Making sure that the security is improved after every successful or failed attack is the key to cyber security.

Want to know more about breaking into cybersecurity?

Is it time for you to break into a cybersecurity career? Start by researching the types of cybersecurity careers and the skills, knowledge, and certifications they require, then decide how you want to approach your education.

Informal courses or certifications are a great way to get started. However, later you may want to switch to a more formal education. Business Daily News shared this blog 5 Great ‘Starter’ Cybersecurity Certifications.

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