Make Working from Home a Success

Make Working from Home a Success

Remote work is quickly becoming the new standard. As a result, many companies transitioned their workforce to telecommuting. According to this recent Gallup poll, 45% of full-time employees work partly or fully remotely. Today, our tips will help you work more effectively as you’re sitting at your desk at home!

Tip #1 – Set up your work environment

Create the perfect workspace. Brew coffee, set your lighting, grab your computer charger, and get ready to work. Doing this will allow you to focus without being distracted by other activities in your house.

Tip #2 – Healthy Work-Life Balance

Maintaining a healthy work-life balance is key to making your work-from-home experience successful. This balance will clearly define work hours from home lounging and family time.

Boost your performance:

1. Optimize your peak productivity time.

2. Tell everyone in your household what your work hours are so that they will know when you will be available to interact.

3. Schedule snack and lunch breaks to have designated time to relax and recharge between daily activities.

Tip #3 – Create a To-Do List

Get organized! Before you begin work, create a to-do list, and write down five things you would like to accomplish. Next, circle two tasks that are the primary items you MUST finish by the end of the day.

Now that you know your major focuses for the day, use your peak work hours to tackle your vital tasks.

Using these tools will help you set the stage for a healthy and productive workday.

So go for it! And get productive!

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