Unlock the Secret to Attracting Top Talent [2022 Recruitment Trends]

Unlock the Secret to Attracting Top Talent

We’ve gathered the biggest and most actionable recruitment trends for 2022. Keep up with these, and your candidate pool will thank you!

Employer Brand

Though your company and employer brands share the same DNA, it’s important to realize they are different. Your company brand influences customers to choose your product. In contrast, employer branding is how you are perceived during the recruitment and onboarding process. For example, are you thorough and timely? Are you flexible and modern?

Candidates often use employer profiles on Glassdoor as a window into your culture.

Incentivized Employee Referral Programs (IERPs)

Your outstanding workers already know your company’s needs. Who better to recommend excellent talent for open positions? Encourage referrals by providing a token of gratitude to employees once their referral hits the 90-day mark with your company.

Active Sourcing

Gone are the days of posting a vacancy and waiting for the best and brightest to find you. If exceptional candidates are applying for jobs who aren’t the perfect match for this position, keep them on file for the next time you have an opening. Maintain a tracking system—a spreadsheet or other database—to track who you’ve reached out to, what their strengths are, and how they might fit into your company. Then you’ll be ready to go when you’re hiring again.


If your recruitment process isn’t mobile-friendly from post to application and beyond, you can kiss top talent goodbye! Applicants applying via their smartphones outnumber those viewing it on their computers.

App Abandon

The fact is candidates won’t tolerate an application that takes too long. So shorten yours, or better yet–just ask for resumes to start with and get more information later.


Have you lost any employees who you’d give anything to hire back? Many people are returning to former employers after finding that the switch they made wasn’t so desirable. Stay in touch with those shooting stars, and you may both end up winners.

Meet the Family

66% of applicants believe that interactions with employees are the best way to get insight into a company. The ultimate approach is a multi-step interview where the candidate meets the team.

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