How to Make Your LinkedIn Profile a Winner

How to Make Your LinkedIn Profile a Winner

Are you considering changing jobs or careers? If so, don’t forget about your LinkedIn profile when updating your resume. Did you know that there are over 55 million employers registered on LinkedIn? In fact, according to, over 122 million people received an interview via LinkedIn. 

Harness the power of LinkedIn by using these five tips.

1. Choose the Right Profile Picture

We love your vacation photo with your family as much as you do, but LinkedIn calls for a more professional aesthetic. Your profile picture should be a clear headshot of you with a simple background. Don’t forget to share your fantastic smile!

2. Add Keywords to Your Headline

The headline section of your profile is for you to list your professional title. However, choosing keywords such as “Graphic Designer” or “Customer Service” will make it easier for recruiters to find you on LinkedIn. Click here to see a best-in-class example of a LinkedIn headline.

3. Turn on “Open to New Job Opportunities” 

If you specify the job opportunities you’re interested in and your preferred location, LinkedIn will help your profile appear in search results. 

Follow these simple steps:

  1. Click the “Me” tab
  2. Click on “Add profile section.”
  3. Underneath the “Intro” tab, select “Looking for a new job.” 
  4. Select your preferred job title and location. 

4. Take a Skills Assessment

LinkedIn encourages you to take online tests to exhibit your best skills to recruiters. Based on a study conducted by LinkedIn, candidates are 30% more likely to be hired after taking a skills evaluation.

5. Interact with the Community

Show recruiters, you are engaged and active within your professional industry. Research industry-relevant news and share it with your colleagues online. 

Remember: When you are creating/editing your LinkedIn profile, your goal is to attract the attention of recruiters. So, like writing your resume, use descriptive words that will help recruiters understand your professional value. 

For more tips on how to improve your LinkedIn profile and land your next big professional opportunity, contact our expert recruiters here or call 770-937-0410.

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