The Top 5 Skills Employers Want On Your Resume

Is your resume ready for 2022? With the new year underway, it’s the perfect time to beef up the skills section of your resume. Whether you are actively searching for a job or thinking about your next career move, consistently updating your resume is a great way to keep track of your professional accomplishments.

Look at this list of the top 5 skills that will enhance your resume.

#1. Communication Across all jobs, effective communication skills are vital. This post from Indeed shares 10 communication skills to highlight in your resume. The sample resumes at the bottom are my favorite part.

#2. Leadership & Management Skills Whether you are a customer service representative or a general manager, leadership skills are the foundation of a good employee. An effective leader can bring out the best abilities and skills of their team members. This article in Business News Daily breaks down leadership into bite-sized pieces.

#3. Planning & Organizational Skills Planning and organization skills help you manage your time and resources to reach your professional goals. Proper preparation is essential at all levels of the workplace.

#4. Problem Solving Ever wish your team members brought solutions and ideas instead of complaints? Employers search for workers with excellent problem-solving skills.

#5. Teamwork – Team collaboration is the glue that binds quality communication, leadership, planning, and problem-solving skills together. By working together, teams can find solutions that make an impact.

One more thing. Click here for tips on updating your LinkedIn profile or here for 5 ways to distinguish yourself from the other candidates.

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