Achieve Your Growth Goals [Convince Candidates to Say Yes to the Job Offer]

The moment you’ve been waiting for is here. It’s time to interview candidates and get the help that your team desperately needs. You completed the first steps by clarifying the job description, setting the pay range, and selecting the interview questions. However, there is one more thing that needs refining—your sales pitch.

Wait. A. Minute. Shouldn’t the candidate sell their attributes to you? We get it, but the job market has changed, and hiring managers must change with it. So, let’s make a quick list of reasons people WANT to work for you and your company.

  1. What distinguishes your business from your competitors? Know your company’s benefits package and perks—even better, create a flier with these details.
  2. Share the “big picture.” Demonstrate how this position impacts the organization and helps their new team.
  3. Discuss career development. Talk about the training provided and opportunities for advancement. Explain their goals and how they will be measured.
  4. Not sure what will entice the candidate—ask them! Discover what reservations they’re having about the job and work together to find solutions.

P.S. Candidates are evaluating you, just as you are evaluating them.

  • Be on time for the appointment.
  • Be present during the interview—don’t check email or other messages.
  • Be positive and passionate about your team and your company.
  • Don’t oversell (or promise things you can’t deliver).

One more thing. Click here to learn how to prevent candidates from ghosting you or here to make a plan to increase your headcount.

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