Guest Post: Confessions of a Boomerang Employee—third times the charm

Guest Post by Rene Beach

I began my Focus journey during the Spring of 1999, a doe-eyed college student on a quest to discover a career path. In the previous 12 months, I changed jobs 12 times: receptionist, outside sales, and daycare worker (to name a few). I accepted a position supporting the Focus executive team. They took me under their wing, teaching me the staffing industry ropes. During that time, I assisted in every department: payroll, sales, training & development, recruiting, and client management.

We worked long hours, so when a friend reached out and offered me a job, I submitted my notice and parted ways. On my last day, a co-worker shared, “The grass is not always greener on the other side.” Yet, I started my new opportunity with positivity in my heart.

Turns out my friend was a terrible manager, so I decided not to return after the birth of my first child.

One day, I reached out to Bryan at Focus to see if there was a place for me and began work the following week. However, I left (again) after 7 years, but we’ll get to that part of the story later.

In the professional world, a boomerang is an employee who leaves a company to pursue other ventures and then returns. According to, this workplace trend has gained traction in the last several years. For example, 76% of human resources professionals say they are more accepting of hiring boomerang employees than in the past.

Why re-hire alumni?

  • Predictability, Less Risk, and Known Position Fit: You know their talents and the quality of their performance.
  • Retention: It sends a powerful message to team members considering a job change that your culture is one in which employees WANT to work.
  • Lower Training and Onboarding Costs: They are familiar with the job, the policies, and the processes.
  • Faster Productivity than a New Hire: Enough said.
  • NewFound Skills & Abilities: If an employee left to work for the competition and returned to you, they return with a unique perspective and strategic market information.
  • Loyalty: There are valuable lessons in learning the grass is not always greener.
  • Meaningful Connections with Customers & Clients: A returning familiar face can help re-establish customer relationships and trust.

I left Focus again (seven years later) to say home with my three kids. We stayed in touch through social media, holiday cards, and text during my time away. I boomeranged back during the Fall of 2016 when my youngest became school age. For some stay-at-home parents, it’s often difficult to find employment, but thankfully I was welcomed with open arms.

One more thing. Click here to learn how to attract top talent or here to learn how to convince candidates to say yes to the job offer.

You may find yourself in a position one day where you can join the Boomerang Club, or you’ll welcome Boomerang’s back to your team. To learn more about employee retention or find talented professionals, reach out to the experts at Focus here or call 770-937-0410.

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