Gratitude is the Secret Weapon of Exceptional Leadership

Showing sincere gratitude is the secret weapon for outstanding leadership and employee engagement. In a recent survey by PWC, 88% of business leaders said their company is experiencing higher than average turnover. Now is the time to be proactive about employee retention. If you’re going to give thanks, do it in a way your team can appreciate.

Time Off

What better gift can you give your team than PTO? Let them choose when they reap the reward of a job well done by providing an extra day of paid vacation. Time off shows you see and appreciate the hard work they’ve been doing.

Gift Card

Boost employee engagement with a gift card, better yet, an e-gift card. Focus partners with Tango Card. It is an innovative way to give employees a special e-gift card they can use, somewhere fun, like a restaurant or favorite store.

Personal Thank You—and put it in the mail

A handwritten note communicates that time and effort went into the message, which feels more personal than an email or typed letter. It has the added benefits of improving employee relationships and satisfaction, boosting morale.


Who doesn’t love a delightful surprise? Start by surveying your people about their favorite flowers or snacks—anything from candy bars to apples. Then, surprise them by mailing those treats home or bringing them to the office.

Peer-to-Peer Recognition

Spread joy and unity and promote inter-team and cross-department relationships with peer-to-peer recognition. For example, urge each person to share how a team member supported them or made their work-life better; this proactive approach establishes an employee-first culture and raises office morale.

Showcase Employees on Social Media

Let’s face it, engaged employees are the best employees. Moreover, publicly acknowledging achievements will motivate the recipient and produce momentum for the rest of the team. Click here to see an example of how to use a Google review to spot-light a job well done.

Call to Chat

Take time to call your people and just chat. Not a one-on-one about work, but about them; their interests, family, and hobbies. The secret is to be genuine and thank them for their extra effort.

Implementing gratitude will boost retention, promote job satisfaction, enhance overall morale, and grow feelings of teamwork, helping you win the war on talent.

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