Yes, You Can Prevent Candidates from Ghosting You

“I ain’t afraid of no ghost!”

Ghosting by both employers and candidates seems to be the new trend; however, organizations can prevent it.

Simplify Your Application

Though it might be tempting to make your application lengthy, so it weeds out the weakest candidates, you risk frustrating talented ones. If your job openings are hard to find, require too many clicks or too much information, candidates will simply give up. Instead, it should be a straightforward process that only takes a few minutes. Remember, most job seekers won’t use their work computer to apply for jobs, so it’s best to have a mobile-friendly application.

Reply to all applicants within 24 to 48 hours with a warm and friendly email. Additionally, thank them for their interest and let them know where you are in your process.

Hire for Potential

Potential is often more important than education or experience. The best employees are those with good interpersonal skills, who work well with others. Instead of looking for the imaginary perfect candidate with the ideal skills, watch for people willing to learn and grow.

Be Proactive About Finding Talent

If you have exceptional candidates applying for jobs who aren’t quite the best match for this position, keep them on file for the next time you have an opening. Maintain a tracking system—a spreadsheet or other database—to track who you’ve reached out to, what their strengths are, and how they might fit into your company. Then you’ll be ready to go when you’re hiring again.

Follow Up Promptly

When it comes down to it, candidates will stay interested in you if you seem interested in them. If they don’t hear from you regularly, they’re going to assume that you hired someone else. Worse, they’ll get frustrated that they spent all that time filling out an application. It creates a terrible candidate experience and can threaten a company’s employer brand. People might think your lack of communication shows your business’s inefficiency.

Move swiftly and decisively, don’t give their inner ghost a chance to show its face.

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