Contract Work Is Still In!

As 2021 is just getting started, we cannot help but think about what a year, 2020 has been and how fast time flew. The job market was disrupted back in March 2020 and it is still crazy today! While the job market was disrupted, contract work is still a big opportunity for anyone. If you are planning to advance in your career, we are here to help. See our tips in today’s blog.

Opportunity to network

We get it that contracts may be short-term which could make you feel like you don’t need to interact towards people who you may be saying goodbye to soon. However, we encourage you to use this as an opportunity to network!
Contracting opens your opportunity to meet a variety of people in different fields in a short amount of time. Employees who work a traditional nine-to-five or long-term positions, do not get this same opportunity as they’re often meeting and working around coworkers in the same department for “x” amount of years.

Overall, these new connections may be another door to your dream job!

Short-term or long-term

If you are seeking flexibility and don’t want to be tied down to a specific job just yet, our assignments are a combination of short and long-term assignments.
Some of our shortest assignments could last up to 3 months while our longest assignments can last 6 months or longer. By knowing in advance when an assignment could end, that gives you the opportunity to seek something either more fulfilling or now you know the type of work you want to pursue. That is a win-win!

Learn and apply skillsets

As we mentioned, the length of an assignment can vary. Contract work grants you an opportunity to learn AND apply a lot of skillsets per assignment, versus traditional nine-to-five employees would learn and apply over the course of time of their job.

When we hire at Focus, there are two important factors we look at: compatibility and skillsets of the candidate. Our employees have expressed that they have learned a lot at each of their assignments, you can read those testimonials here.

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