Focus of Georgia’s Job Interview Checklist

It doesn’t matter who you are, job interviews are intense! Even if you’re extroverted and totally at ease with new people, the stress of having a possible job on the line takes the anxiety up a notch. Here are eight steps to prepare for your next job interview.

  1. Do some research

Reread the job post. Look for keywords, skills and qualifications you know you have and need to mention in the interview. Be ready to explain why you’re a perfect match for the job. If you can echo what was described in the job posting, you’ll stand out from the competition. Then, research the company. You should be well informed about their mission, their social media presence and any relevant news stories about them.

  1. Select your outfit

You only get one chance to make a first impression, so make it a good one! Show that you respect the company and its culture by dressing professionally. If you look confident and comfortable, then you’re more likely to perform well.

  1. Reach out to your contacts

You might already have a few friends or acquaintances who work for the company you’re interviewing with. Great! Contact them and ask for a bit of advice. They might have some helpful insights into the hiring process. And definitely ask them to put in a good word for you! Hiring managers love to interview candidates who come with good referrals.

  1. Rehearse your answers

Take some time to review typical interview questions with a friend, family member, or even just in front of the mirror. If you have some solid responses stored in your memory, you won’t be scrambling for words during the interview. This is especially useful if you tend to get nervous.

  1. Work on your etiquette

Introduce yourself—first and last name, shake hands. Keep your cell phone off or on silent. No gum or mints.

  1. Prepare your route

Don’t assume you know where you’re going. Look up directions and ask about the parking situation. Figure out what the traffic is like at that time of day—you might even do a test run the day before. And leave early so you don’t arrive late!

  1. Pack your bag

Just like your first day of school, pack your bag the night before so you have everything and you’re not rushed in the morning. Bring extra copies of your resume, a list of references, and your list of questions for the interviewer. Tuck them inside a notebook or folder so you look professional.

  1. Send a thank-you note

Always send a thank-you note, preferably within 24 hours of your interview. Not only is it polite, it gives you the chance to reiterate your interest in their company and mention anything you forgot during the interview.

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