8 Essential Etiquette Tips New Call Center Agents Need to Know

If you’ve ever worked at a call center job in Atlanta, you know that there are certain rules of the phone that can help you succeed. If you are looking for your first customer service job, it’s important to understand the basics of being a call center agent before you take your first phone call. Dealing with customers directly requires proper phone etiquette at all times. You are representing an entire organization when you speak with customers, thus call centers have established clear customer service etiquette rules for all of their agents to abide by to best serve their customers.

  1. Listen First

If a customer or potential customer feels as though they aren’t being listened to, it’s the quickest way to get hung up on. You have to be in the conversation for the customer and you’ll find that it makes your agenda – whether that’s converting a customer or just assisting a customer in need – that much easier.

  1. Never, Ever Interrupt

An extension of the first point, interrupting a customer is not only rude, but it shows them that they aren’t important. Always allow your caller to articulate their full point before responding, so that you can best address their needs.

  1. Kindness Is Key

You can never be cross with a customer, no matter how angry or rude they are. Always go into your calls with a good attitude and be patient with callers, no matter how difficult they may be. Remember that they are people too, and the best way to connect with them is to relate to their concerns and address their needs as kindly and effectively as possible.

  1. Speak Clearly

A good tempo, volume and use of enunciation are imperative to achieve success in a call center job. You simply won’t be as effective as a call center agent if customers have trouble understanding your advice.

  1. Get to Know Your Phone System

From how to place customers on hold, to how to transfer a customer to another department, having a clear understanding of your phone system will help make your customers’ experiences as seamless and helpful as possible. Customers won’t appreciate an attempted transfer that ends in them being hung up on and having to start the process all over again.

  1. Control the Conversation

This isn’t the same as dictating the conversation, but rather keeping the conversation going in the right direction. Avoid getting sidetracked or long periods of silence. It’s also important to avoid the customer dictating the conversation.

  1. Be Engaged

Listen and respond to what the customer has said to reassure them that you are willing and able to address their concerns. This can also mean engaging with the customer by connecting with them and being friendly.

  1. Be Honest

Be genuine with your callers to help them know that you have their best interest in mind. It’s also important not to make any false promises to customers that can cause liability issues or force the company into an uncomfortable scenario.

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