6 Ways to Show Your Team How Thankful You are This Thanksgiving

What better time than the holiday season to show your employees how grateful you are for all of their hard work this year? In the spirit of Thanksgiving, now is the perfect opportunity to give thanks to your team, however, showing gratitude to your employees in a way that actually shows, means doing more than sending a simple email the week before. If you’re going to give thanks, do it in a way your team can really appreciate.

Time Off

What better gift can you give your team than some extra time to get ready for the in-laws with a day or half day off before or after Thanksgiving? Let your team know how well they’ve done and that they’ve truly earned this time to spend for themselves or with their families.

Gift Card

Atlanta accountants and Savannah administrative professionals are some of the busiest workers in the country. Giving them a special gift card to be used somewhere nice like a restaurant or favored retail store is a great way to treat your hard working employees.

Personal Thank You

Meet with your team personally to deliver a heart-felt display of gratitude. This not only gives you an opportunity touch base with your employees, but it also gives them an opportunity to meet with you and provide any necessary feedback to ways in which their job, or workday, could be improved.


Who doesn’t love a good surprise? It can be anything from a prize drawing to an office pizza party. Throwing together a nice function for your employees can be the perfect way to head into the end of the year with high spirits.

Team-Building Exercise

Bring your team together for an activity that promotes inter-team and cross-department relationships. Have each member of your team write, or say, a way that a team member has helped them or made their work-life better. This helps build an employee first culture and raises office morale.

Casual Day

Let your employees know that you value them as a person first and as an individual by giving them a day, before or after Thanksgiving, to let loose and be themselves.

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